Empires 2.41 has been released!

This release is mainly comprised of bug fixes and script balances. We've also managed to tackle the issue of Empires not working for people with multiple Steam accounts, as well as a few other installation issues.

If you still encounter issues with starting up Empires, uninstall and reinstall the mod. Valve has helped fix the problems with the old file delivery system, but it may require a complete wipe of the mod files to work.

If following the advice above doesn't work, please make a thread in the Support Forums.

Download Empires v2.41 on Steam

Empires 2.41 Changelog


+ Tank weapons can now be reloaded mid way through a clip (will dump the remaining ammo from the clip).
+ Shortcuts to select class in the class selection menu. E, G, R, S will now select Engineer, Grenadier, Rifleman and Scout appropriately whilst in the class menu.
+ Added new HTML based news panel.
+ Added a splash screen to replace the launcher window on game start.
+ Mappers can now place engineer cameras in their maps (only partially working, they need built when the map starts and nf cameras display the BE model.)
+ New server command to instantly start sudden death: emp_sv_enable_sudden_death (1/0).


* Empires can now be launched if installed on a separate drive from Source SDK Base 2007 (using the Steam library feature).
* Zoom-out effect when switching rifleman weapons after using ironsight zoom.
* News panel in main screen could be duplicated when changing resolution.
* Players health could be displayed as being below 0 HP after they died.
* Pacifist achievement could be gained by any player with 0 kills at the end of the round. It is now only awarded to the player with 0 kills and the highest points.
* Multiple mortar shells can now be fired at once.
* Bots can no longer earn achievements.
* Northern Faction Heavy Machine Gun would drain stamina at the incorrect rate.
* Mortar rounds could pass through Brenodi Empire Heavy tank at some angles.
* Fixed issue where empires could fail to start on some computers with multiple steam accounts.
* Map name label is now visible whilst in spectate.
* Revive icons no longer appear in the sky for unspawned players when playing as revive engineer.
* Fixed issue where wages may not update after building vehicles.
* Sticky grenades can no longer damage friendly vehicles.
* Wrong skills will no longer be shown in class menu.
* When re-customising a vehicle using a repair pad your team no longer needs the resources for the full value of the tank. It now correctly requires only the value of the changes.
* Highlight boxes when mousing over some selection boxes were too large.
* Destroyed Northern Faction APCs now have the correct texture.
* Missing rock and water textures on emp_slaughtered.
* When maximum rank is reached (commander) the next rank (in class selection menu) will read max instead of always reading commander.
* Engineers would not get second turret/camera after 4th rank.
* Squad aura was still applied whilst squad leader was dead.
* Bio weapon damage fixed. It was using the absolute world coordinates of the initial damage as the reference point to apply damage.
* Requests for health/ammo/repairs should now be clearly visible on the minimap.
* Fixed missing minimaps on emp_arid and emp_glycencity for some players.
* APC's would still heal their occupants during sudden death.
* Launcher will now exit even if user doesnt click ok in dialogue box / game exits unexpectedly.
* Using imperial instead of metric units for speedometer (available in options menu) now persists after Empires has been restarted.
* Selecting pistols could sometimes affect the selection of skills.


/ Updated Empires manual.
/ Updated emp_palmbay.
/ Updated emp_bush.
/ Updated emp_crossroads.
/ Updated emp_escort.
/ Updated emp_slaughtered.
/ Lowered emp_streetsoffire resource rate by 50%.
/ Increased tickets for emp_mvalley, emp_duststorm and emp_cyclopean.
/ Tweaked opacity of water on emp_cyclopean.
/ Improved lighting on some tree/bush models.
/ Updated local 'Create Server' menu to say Empires 2.41 instead of 2.2 as the default server name.

Script Changes:


Upgraded Grenades - Research time: 20 -> 60.

Vehicle Armour:

Reactive - HP: 100 -> 120.
Composite - HP: 70 -> 80.

Vehicle Engines:

Fission - Max Speed: -5 mph to all chassis types.
Fission - Moving Heat Dissipation: 12 -> 8.
Coolant - Stationary Heat Dissipation: 9 -> 8.

Vehicle Weapons:

Rail Gun - Clip size: 25 -> 30.

Vehicle Chassis:

BE Heavy - Max Missile launchers: 2 -> 3.
NF Heavy - Max Missile launchers: 3 -> 5.


BE/NF Pistol 1 - Falloff: 1500 -> 1000.
NF Shotgun Pistol - Headshot modifier: 2.0 -> 1.6.
BE Heavy Pistol - Damage: 55 -> 60.
BE Heavy Pistol - Falloff: 600 -> 1000.
BE Heavy Pistol - RoF: 0.25 -> 0.20.
BE Heavy Pistol - Headshot Modifier: 2.0 -> 1.8.
BE Heavy Pistol - Moving accuracy modifiers: Standing -~70%, Ducking -50%, Prone -50% (Not that you can shoot whilst moving prone anyway).
NF Heavy Rifle - Damage: 32 -> 35.
BE Assault Rifle - Damage: 25 -> 30.
BE Assault Rifle - Spawn Mags: 3 -> 4.
BE Assault Rifle - Max Mags: 6 -> 7.


- Automatic spawn selection.