2.29 released


Empires v2.29
November 8, 2010

Empires 2.29 Changes

Balancing Changes:

  • Research time for Mediums reduced by 60 seconds.
  • Research time for Heavies increased by 90 seconds.
  • Base cost of Heavies increased.
  • Base cost of Mediums decreased.
  • Base cost of Artillery decreased.
  • Max weight of Artillery increased (+50).
  • All vehicle weapon costs halved.
  • Salvo Homing Launcher is now a 3 slot weapon. Reload time changed from 10 s to 6 s.
  • CV armor heat to target 0.14 -> 0.05.
  • Tracking systems (precursor to Salvo and Homing) research time/cost increased from 60/60 to 120/400 respectively.


  • Materials using parallax occlusion mapping.
  • Custom vbsp.exe that is replacement for source2007/vbsp.exe for mappers that want to compile maps using LightmappedParallax.



  • Reverted RPG speed to 1200.
  • Updated particles.
  • emp_escort
    • Added geometry to last flag, added back pathway from 2nd flag once BE caps.
    • Added pathway for BE at new tunnel on first flag.
    • Raised skybox so you can fire mortar upward in most sections of the map.
    • Added doors to the canal/tunnel on 4th flag that are opened when you build the bridges.
    • Reenabled level 3 turrets.
    • Brenodi starts with 1 million resources.
  • emp_district402
    • Disabled bleed.
    • Enabled sudden death with no revive after 45 minutes.
    • Moved capture points to make defense at the back viable strategy.
    • Changed tickets to 150.
  • emp_cyclopean
    • Shallowed water.
    • Fixed tree translucency.
    • New textures and new water included.
    • Flattened areas outside of main bases so barracks can fit.
    • Moved 1 of the center refineries.
    • Refineries start as built.
  • Default values for cvars in server.cfg.
  • Changed mortar reload animation rate from 27 FPS to 40 FPS.
  • Can holster mortar at any time.
  • Draw crosshair as red even hiding.
  • Changed Brenodi chat color to closer to purple.
  • Mortar shells don't collide with teammates.
  • Disable revive and squad revive on non-commander maps when sudden death starts.
  • Don't show scoreboard after game ends.
  • Changed commander name color to show health of most damaged armor side and vehicle body.
  • Removed stamina penalty for shooting scout rifle.
  • Changed scout rifle clip size from 5 to 10.
  • Reduced mortar reload speed significantly(almost half time).


  • Simplified parallax shader to avoid BSOD caused by fault in graphics card driver.
  • Enemy commander hearing about vehicle construction.
  • Fixed incorrect player collision mask used on ladder.
  • Prediction bug causing non-smooth movement in spectator mode.
  • Don't show "Spawn blocked" when another player stands on spawn point.