About the game


Empires harnesses the power of Valve’s Source engine, renowned for its role in commercial titles like Half-Life 2. The gameplay seamlessly merges elements from both first-person shooter (FPS) and real-time strategy (RTS) genres. A Commander, elected from each team, oversees the battlefield from a top-down perspective, focusing on base construction and troop coordination. The remaining team members, serving as soldiers, experience the action firsthand in a first-person perspective, choosing from four classes: Engineer, Rifleman, Grenadier, or Scout. A diverse array of fully-customizable armored vehicles is at their disposal.

The Commander plays a pivotal role in determining the team’s strategy, ultimately influencing their chances of victory. As a soldier, your role is to follow the Commander’s directives and engage in direct combat against the enemy. Should the Commander prove ineffective or act against the team’s interests, they can be voted out just as easily as they were chosen.

As the game unfolds, various upgrades become available. The radar’s long-distance communication capability facilitates the transmission of blueprints for advanced equipment to vehicle factories, offering improved engines, weapons, and armor for customized vehicle loadouts. Soldier promotions acknowledge contributions to the team, unlocking powerful new skills such as the Scout’s stealth ability or the Engineer’s capacity to revive fallen comrades.

Battles take place in a wide variety of locations: from intense infantry combat in the alleyways and buildings of an urban district, to sprawling tank battles across open desert plains, this is very much a global war.


Empires focuses on the struggles between two factions; the Northern Faction and the Brenodi Empire. Each have their own individual traits, including the equipment and vehicles that they use.

Brenodi Empire

The Brenodi Empire forces are equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry and equipment. All members undergo a strict training regiment to establish their combat effectiveness, and they are supported by the very best mechanized armor and air units. All Brenodian citizens are required to receive an extensive set of nanotechnological devices to function, and their military relies on these nanotech enhancements to further enhance the abilities of their soldiers. The Brenodi Empire wages an ongoing campaign to subdue the Northern Faction and eliminate their terrorist actions through forces that have become all too common in ex-Jekotian territory.

Northern Faction

The Northern Faction hails its name from the dominant power rising after the fall of the ancient Great Empire. They disappeared, possibly to rebuild the Empire on a different landmass and laying the roots for the Jekotian Empire.

In the current struggle, the Northern Faction is less equipped and trained than the forces of the Brenodi Empire, but its forces make up for it with genetic manipulation and determination. All members are ex-citizens of Jekotia whose disbanded military’s past exploits into genetic manipulation were phased into the general population and provided a counter to Brenodi technology. This gives them the advantage of more versatility in ability enhancement and unmatchable level of cohesiveness and coordination. They’ve managed to find support in ex-Jekotians hidden within the Brenodi Empire and among remnants of bunkers and weapon caches left over from the great battle which dissolved the nation of Jekotia.


One of the unique features of Empires Mod is a wide variety of vehicles. There are a number of different chassis you may construct and customize at a Vehicle Factory. New weapons and technologies can be added to your faction’s units to make them more powerful and versatile.

Vehicle chassis overview

  • Jeep - The jeep’s main role is that of transportation, it can be used to quickly get into enemy controlled territory and then get out. Jeeps are the cheapest vehicle, and therefore, are the least resistant to damage.
  • APC - The armored personnel carrier’s (APC) role is for the safe transportation of infantry through hostile territory. It is lightly armored but more resilient to attack than the Jeep, while generally sacrificing speed. However, by installing a better engine once one has been researched will allow it to travel across the battlefield much faster, making it much more effective in it’s role.
  • Light Tank / Armored Fighting Vehicle - These are lightly armored attack vehicles with basic weaponry.
  • Medium Tank - A well balanced tank with moderate speed and payload at a reasonable cost. Has more advanced weapon capability.
  • Heavy Tank - Heavily armored attack vehicle. Heavy tanks offer incredible firepower, but have slower movement speed and higher resource cost.
  • Artillery Tank - The Artillery tank is designed for the role of striking an enemy position from great distances without fear of direct and immediate retaliation. This vehicle is rather fragile and expensive to produce, so it should be kept at a safe distance from the enemy while taking advantage of its superior range.
  • Command Vehicle - The Command Vehicle is the vehicle used by the Commander to lead the team. Whoever enters the Command Vehicle assumes the role of Commander. Players in the command vehicle have access to enter RTS mode. Destruction of the Command Vehicle results in a loss for the team whose Command Vehicle is destroyed. For this reason, it is important to keep it protected and under watch at all times.


Available infantry classes


The Engineer is a pivotal support class, adept at constructing and repairing structures on the battlefield, fortifying positions, and ensuring the team’s base remains functional. Engineers can also heal other players and with the right skills, revive fallen teammates.


Grenadiers excel in explosive firepower, specializing in dealing area-of-effect damage to enemy forces. Armed with an RPG, a mortar and mines, this is the class to choose if you’re fighting against vehicles.


Riflemen are versatile frontline soldiers with proficiency in standard firearms, providing sustained firepower to engage enemies at various ranges.


Agile and covert, scouts are operatives assigned to reconnaissance and penetrating enemy lines. Emphasizing swift and strategic mobility, they excel in identifying targets and discreetly infiltrating to sabotage enemy structures.