Empires Mod 2.30.7 (Hotfix) Released!

We’re happy to announce version 2.30.7 which is live on Steam right now!

Join us on Discord! https://discord.gg/EXwY2X7


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug with scout hide not being removed when using squad hide and certain weapons (engineer kit/RPG/Mortar)
  • Fixed a bug with the squad aura icon displaying the wrong icon when changing between squads (Displayed for less than a second but it’s now fixed.)
  • Fixed a bug preventing squad aura effect from being removed when leaving squads sometimes.

Script/Game Balance

  • Changed scout rifle sway pattern to use a Lissajous Curve.
    • Tweaked sway values again to balance the weapon again
    • There was a small amount of interference depending on FPS values for sway, this is now fixed and should be standardized regardless of the player’s FPS
  • Changes to building damage:
    • Removed the 25% damage increase against unbuilt buildings
      • This was hard not very discoverable and added a layer of complexity to balancing the game.
    • Reverted a feature that would give you a 50% random chance to repair less if the building you were repairing was recently under-fire
  • Improved Vehicle Handling as of last patch
  • Reduced the recoil slightly on NF 50cal rifle for crouch/prone stances