Empires Mod 2.33.1 Released!

We’re happy to announce version 2.33.1 is live on Steam.

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  • Implemented a system that checks which player body parts are blocked by other objects before applying explosion damage.
    • Explosion damage and Bio DoT now scales based on the mass of the objects blocking each body part. (Bio Dot is only changed for explosions, Bio MG is unaffected)
    • Each body part is checked separately and scales the damage for that part depending on the blocking object’s mass.
      • This uses the same mass checking system as was previously in the game, only that now each part is checked and scaled separately. Previously there was a single check done using the detection raycast that detected the player being visible to the explosion.
      • For reference the system scales the damage based on objects of 0-350 kg mass. (350+ kg objects will block all of the damage.Player mass is 85kg, turrets are 280kg. This is here just to provide an example.)
      • Note - Body parts are an approximation based on player bounding box size and therefore may not line up exactly where the model’s geometry is. (Example below)
Body partMaximum damage percentage loss
Left Arm10%
Right Arm10%
Standing body partsCrouching body partsProning body parts

Bug fixes

Maps / Level design

Minor update to emp_canyon

  • Fixed Cubemaps not being built when the map was last published.
  • All player/vehicle clip brushes have been remade, increasing accuracy in order to prevent players from using exploits to reach the top of the hills.
    • B4 hill is now player/vehicle clipped and has restrictions in place for placing buildings.
  • Standardized core entity names to match other official maps.
  • Fixed the env_sun entity not displaying because of bad entity settings.

Minor update to emp_coast

  • Remade all clip brushes/comm/engy restrict brushes
    • Fixed various exploit spots
  • Standardized core entity names with other official maps.

Minor update to emp_mvalley

  • Added player/vehicle/comm building clips to the high ground again. After hearing feedback from a lot of players, the majority of people suggested that they preferred the gameplay without high ground being accessible.

Script/Game Balance

Script changes are visible via the empires_scripts repo on our Gitlab. Please follow the link if you would like to check exactly how the script values have changed.

Infantry weapons

  • Both shotguns now have a FalloffEnd value of 7500, they were previously mismatched. (Previously BE was 5000, NF was 10000; This was unintentional.)

Vehicle chassis

  • Reduced BE AFV Max Weight by 10
  • Reduced NF Light Tank Max Weight by 10
  • Fixed a few issues with vehicle chassis armor angle values being slightly wrong. (Used for determining which armor side took damage)
    • NF Jeep armor angle values were for the old model, these have been updated to reflect the geometry of the new model.
    • Both command vehicles had non-symmetrical armor angles for the back of the vehicle. Only by a few degrees, however both have been updated to resolve this.

Vehicle engines

  • APC Engines’ cooling has been reduced by 1.
  • Heavy Tank Engines’ cooling has been increased by 1.
  • Removed researchable Artillery Engines as they served little purpose, standard engine has been adjusted to fit its new purpose and to be more fragile (with penalties).
  • Stalling Penalties have been changed to be less impactful for armor hits and more impactful for some hull hits and generally reduced stall on heat threshold penalties.
  • Horsepower Health Penalty has been increased slightly.
  • Bio Diesel has been tweaked so it’s no longer “unstoppable”.

Vehicle weapons

  • Removed High-Explosive Heavy Machine Gun
  • Artillery weapons have been slightly rebalanced.
    • The trajectory of artillery projectiles have been adjusted.
    • Weight, Damage, cycle time and heat have also been adjusted.