Empires Mod 2.37.0 Released!

We’re happy to announce version 2.37.0 is live on Steam.

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  • Grenades and mines make sounds when they bounce against surfaces.
  • Added armor impact sounds.
    • Distinct sounds play when a vehicle’s armor is damaged, a vehicle’s hull is damaged, and when a sticky grenade latches to a tank hull.
    • Different armors can have different sounds, though most armors currently do not.
  • Enabled several unused NF taunts.
  • Updated the commander view’s zoom functionality.
    • Added zoom-to-cursor functionality. The camera will zoom towards the cursor position when enabled. An option will be added to the advanced section of the multiplayer settings menu.
    • Camera smoothing has been updated, updated cvars added to control this.
      • emp_comm_zoom_stepsize - Controls how many units to increment/decrement the target zoom amount per scroll.
      • emp_comm_zoom_speed - Original cvar, original values should still work with updated smoothing method.
  • Enabled the trigger_portal brush entity.
    • trigger_portal is an brush entity in the Source base code.
    • It moves touched entity to a destination trigger_portal, preserving the relative position and velocity of the entity.
    • Warning: This entity can cause teleported entities to become stuck or escape the map, and has not extensively tested. Use at your own risk!
  • Added team-limiting spawnflags to all trigger bruah entities.


  • Fixed the game phase material proxy not updating correctly.
  • Fixed MG turrets continuing to play the shooting sound effect after game end.
  • Fixed spectator HUD not displaying observer target info correctly.
  • Added warning message when the vehicle customization menu fails to open because your team has no chassis researched.
  • Changes to team physics content masking.

Script/Game Balance

Vehicle Weapons

  • Guided Missile
    • Increased Maximum Guiding Range from 5500 to 8000
  • Homing Missile
    • Increased Maximum Lock On range from 7000 to 8000
  • Biological Missile
    • Reduced Bio Duration from 8 to 5s

Vehicle Armors

  • Regenerative
    • Reduced Health Regeneration from 4 to 3

Vehicle Engines

  • Bio Diesel
    • Reduced Cooling by 0.25

Other changes

  • Sever operators can now disable the server inactivity timeout by setting emp_sv_inactivity_timeout to 0.
    • If non-zero, the timeout has a minimum of 120 seconds.
  • Deprecate the emp_sv_forceteam convar.
    • This functionality has been replaced by the new AllowedTeams field in emp_info_params.
      • Setting AllowedTeams to 0 allows players to join either team. Setting it to 2 or 3 allows player to only join Northern Faction or Brenodi Empire respectively.
      • This function can still be accessed by setting the emp_sv_forceteam convar, but that variable is now deprecated and will not show up in autocomplete.
  • Remove remnants of the PushMap setting in emp_params
  • Minimap icons will now be revealed to both teams when the game is over.
  • When the game ends, the game timer on the HUD will freeze, displaying the final time for that round.
  • When creating workshop packages, you can now specify a preview image.
    • This can be done by adding the “Image” “FilePathRelativeToWorkshopItemFolder.jpg” KV pair to the package.txt`

Known Issues

  • Armor impact sounds are often too quiet to be heard well.