About Us

We’ve been around for a long time making Empires. Initially as a sole developer project on the Battlefield 1942 engine it moved across to the Source Engine before becoming a community project. Since then many members have contributed and added their unique marks on the game. Now some of those members are rebuilding the game again in Unreal Engine.

Current Team

  • Smithy Programmer
  • VulcanStorm AI
  • DDDDestroyer Mapper
  • Sgt. Security Scripter
  • Neoony Programmer
Unreal Engine
  • Roy Awesome Programmer
  • Megafunk Programmer
  • beerdude26 Programmer
  • f1r3w4rr10r Modeller
  • Mayama Modeller
  • KGBEATS Sound
  • Yes Modeller
  • thomasfn Mapper
  • Terminator Mapper

Call for Help

What we really are missing from our UE4 team right now is an animator and a game designer. If you have experience with animating with the Unreal Engine then please get in touch with one of the team in our Discord. Note that we are all volunteers and we work on this project for fun.