Empires Player Guide

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Infantry Tips

These hints will help you on your way towards having a fun first game of Empires. Have fun, and see you on the battlefield!

In Empires, TEAMWORK IS KEY. Go in alone and you'll take out two or three guys, go in with your teammates and you'll take out an entire forward base.

Some General Pointers Infantry Tips Vehicle Tips Commanding Tips

General infantry tips:

An unintended 'feature' you'll see a lot is killspawning. This is where you type 'kill' in the game console. Most servers also allow you to simply type '!kill' in global chat ("Y" by default), although this makes it clearer to the other team about what you are doing. It's a very handy way of quickly moving troops around the battlefield, but be careful not to use up too many tickets.

How to use the Scout class

How to use the Rifleman class

How to use the Grenadier class

How to use the Engineer class

Dealing with Turrets

Dealing with Walls

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