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Structures Appendix


imp refinery
Brenodi Empire Refinery.
nf refinery
Northern Faction Refinery.

All armies require resources to function, and the refinery provides them. The only source of resources in the game, its importance cannot be understated. Refineries can generate an infinite supply of resources but can only be built upon resource points.


imp barracks
Brenodi Empire Barracks.
nf barracks
Northern Faction Barracks.

Players can spawn and can change classes at their barracks. The importance of this structure is second only to that of the refinery, and it is sure to be a prime target in any assault.


imp armory
Brenodi Empire Armory.
nf Armory
Northern Faction Armory.

The armory contains ammunition and health containers. Like the barracks, players may change their class here. As players spawn with only a third of the maximum ammunition for their weapons, visiting the armory after respawning is always a good idea. An armory will also supply ammo to any nearby friendly vehicles.


imp radar
Brenodi Empire Radar.
nf radar
Northern Faction Radar.

The radar structure gives the commander the advantage of seeing nearby enemy vehicles, which will appear on the minimap every few seconds. The radar station must be constructed in order to research new technologies, such as vehicle chassis and new technologies.

Repair station

imp repair
Brenodi Empire Repair Station.
nf repair
Northern Faction Repair Station.

The repair station is a structure which repairs and restocks any vehicles that drive onto it. It can also recustomize existing vehicles.

Vehicle factory

imp vf
Brenodi Empire Vehicle Factory.
nf vf
Northern Faction Vehicle Factory.

The vehicle factory produces all the land vehicles for a team. Inside is a console which can be used by players to customize and order the production of vehicles. After building a vehicle you are immediately transported into its driver seat.


imp wall
Brenodi Empire Walls.
nf wall
Northern Faction Walls.

Walls are simple defensive structures which restrict movement and fire. They can be created by either the commander or an engineer, but engineers can only place a limited number. When placed, they are in their lowest position. In this form they provide good cover whilst still allowing your team to shoot over the top of them. It will have to be built upwards for more protection.


imp MGs
Brenodi Empire Machine Gun Turrets, LVL1 --> LVL3.
nf MGs
Northern Faction Machine Gun Turrets, LVL1 --> LVL3.

imp MLs
Brenodi Empire Missile Launcher Turrets, LVL1 --> LVL3.
nf MLs
Northern Faction Missile Launcher Turrets, LVL1 --> LVL3.

There are two types of deployable turrets, machine gun and missile. Machine gun turrets shoot at infantry and missile turrets target vehicles and structures. Both types of turret can be upgraded through research.


nf camera
Northern Faction Camera.
nf radar
Northern Faction Radar.

Engineers can construct a single camera or radar dish. The camera will reveal enemy infantry on the minimap and the radar dish will reveal enemy vehicles and structures. These surveillance units are vulnerable to small weapons fire.

The Brenodi Empire surveillance equipment has a dark tint, but looks the same.

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