Empires Player Guide

Table of contents:

Some General Pointers

These hints will help you on your way towards having a fun first game of Empires. Have fun, and see you on the battlefield!

In Empires, TEAMWORK IS KEY. Go in alone and you'll take out two or three guys, go in with your teammates and you'll take out an entire forward base.

Some General Pointers Infantry Tips Vehicle Tips Commanding Tips

How to get into the action

Your Objectives and what to do

  1. Move towards the enemy base, and look for resource nodes- they're the yellow dots on your minimap. When you get to one, ask your Commander to drop a refinery on it, so you can build it. Don't stand too close so there's room for the building, and watch out for enemies!
  2. Prepare to engage the Enemy once you're close enough to their infantry and defenses (usually anywhere in the middle of the map). As an engineer, you're ready to build any buildings the commander drops for you. Now is a good time to build your own turret and camera, or maybe some walls to give your team cover.
  3. Press the Offensive! Now that all the refineries are captured by someone, you're going to have to start attacking the enemy if you want their refineries for your team. Be sure to stick with your squad, and focus your attacks on spawn points to push the enemy back, not their infantry, or they'll simply keep coming at you. If there's an undefended enemy refinery, destroy it and build your own!
  4. Move in for the kill: When tanks start rolling out, you can do some serious damage. If you've successfully pushed the enemy back somewhere along the front lines, keep attacking the weak point.

Known Bugs

Hey, we're still in beta, and we're working on these bugs:

  1. In Command View, you may sometimes see 'ghost' walls appearing from weird locations. They don't do anything else, though.
  2. Sometimes you may be revived under the map. You'll have to suicide (type 'kill' command in the console ("`" by default), although must be enabled in the Options-> Multiplayer menu first or switch to spectator and back), as this is seen as a game exploit, and will get you (permanently) banned from game servers if you do not suicide. Don't say we didn't warn you.

That's pretty much it. Stick together, listen to your Commander and use tactics instead of only raw firepower and you'll have a great time. Enjoy your first game of Empires.

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